How Social Media Marketing Will Make or Break Your Business.
Written by Ty Keller on Aug. 29th 2018
Why Should You Use Social Media Marketing? Since the social media scene went nuclear, the new generation of marketing is evolving online, and those who don't jump on board are going to be left behind. Everyone knows how incredible the benefits of social media marketing are compared to the old school marketing scene, but as with a lot of things "everyone knows," the man on the street might be hard put to articulate them. So, here's a quick break down of the way we all know social media marketing can help your business.

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Expanded Audience: Almost everyone who owns a computer is using social media on a daily basis. Even people who mostly surf the personal side of the social media wave often run into potential business contacts, offers, and opportunities.

Audience Participation: For years, PR experts have known that a little interaction goes a long way. Where once this took major preparation and events such as trade shows, companies can interact with their audience now with a few clicks of a button. The social media scene turns business marketing into fun networking groups or games.

Audience Feedback: Otherwise known as market research, companies once had to spend amazing amounts of time and money to get a relatively low turn-out of people who were willing to comment on or fill out surveys. You'll quickly learn what your customers enjoy, what they don't, and how to better present your business to them.

Brand Awareness: Social media allows your branding to grow exponentially, imagine words of mouth at a galactic scale, and you'll get the idea.
 While old school methods often required expert help, the ease and accessibility of some aspects of social media forums make some D.I.Y. a real possibility, but there's no simple answer here. It's a matter of personal assessment and choice.

Should You or Shouldn't You Hire an Expert

Make a list of your goals. Before you start running, you need to make sure you know where you want to get to. Do you want to build a brand or widen your customer awareness? If so, is your audience pretty general or do you have a specific, narrow target? Could you advertise using a blog? Figuring out your basic goals will help you decided whether you think you could handle them on your own, or whether it's time to get help. If you have an idea of the results you want- more customers to your site- but no idea how to achieve it, it's a good idea to get in touch with a social media consultant.

Assess your comfort level. Sometimes when you write down your goals, you realize that you do have a pretty good idea of how you could achieve them through social media marketing, and you may decide that do doing so is perfectly within your skill range as well. But those aren't the only considerations.

So why wait? take the advantage of social media marketing today to take your business to the next level

Ty Keller

Ty Keller helps local businesses grow their business by increasing revenue using digital marketing and content creation. He is an expert at helping business owners increase sales and brings in new customers into the doors using online marketing methods that are easy to implement and can bring results over night. If you are interested in finding out more reach out and request a free strategy session today!
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