3 Digital Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your Sales This Year
Written by Ty Keller on Aug. 30th 2018
The internet has made the world a global village. Today, small and medium enterprises can now effectively compete with the big companies in marketing. The internet is more affordable and quicker than other modes of marketing such as the television or radio.

However the internet is constantly evolving and entrepreneurs need to be on their toes with the latest digital marketing trends in order to keep up and  beat competition. Below we have a list of five digital marketing tips that will help increase your digital footprint and help you increase sale this year.

1. Try video marketing.

Video marketing has been on the rise over the years. This can be attributed to the fact that more people have access to computers, smart phones and fast reliable internet. People  prefer watching videos rather than reading  articles  online. More online platforms, social media included, are now optimizing their platforms to accommodate videos. Videos are much more simpler to make and pass  a lot of information easier to viewers,

2. Optimize your website and blog so that they can be compatible with mobile phones.

As stated above more today people do have mobile phones that can access the internet. Optimizing your website and blogs for smart phones and tablets goes a long way in increasing sales and connecting with many people.

3. Pay a social media influencer to endorse your business or product.

A good number of people do buy products after being recommended by someone they trust. A social media influencer is social media user that is specialized in a certain field and has a large following that  they can influence. Hiring the right influencer with the right amount of followers to endorse your product is a good digital marketing strategy. It may be expensive but its returns are very huge and can help you build a lasting brand on and offline.

4. Try optimizing your blog and website for the search engine.

The best and easiest way of pulling traffic to your website or blog is by optimizing them well for the search engine. Search engine optimization makes your blog or website more visible on the search engines. This makes your blog and website more credible and easier to reach because they would appear on the front page of google. Besides optimizing them for the search engine ensure that you create and post quality content on them.

5. Use the social media to market your business

Facebook alone has over a billion users worldwide. Social media is a cheap and fast way of marketing a product to millions of potential buyers online. It is easy to navigate through social media platforms and you do not need any special skills to operate a social media page. It is easy to control information that is  posted on the  business social media page and communication is also very fast making it an easy way to get customer feedback on products. However in order to maintain your customer base you are advised to post regularly and interact with customers.


According to research most businesses rarely make it to their fifth year. Poor management and low sales are some of the major factors that contribute to the failure of these businesses. Due to the advancement of technology, the odds of a business succeeding has drastically risen over the years. Cleaver entrepreneurs have embraced the use of the digital platform to market themselves or their products and to expand their customer base.

Ty Keller

Ty Keller helps small businesses increase their sales and grow their customer base exponentially through digital marketing. He is an expert at helping business owners get new customers using digital marketing in a simple and intuitive way. If you are interested in scaling your business or want to get new customers into your business over night then please reach out and request a free strategy session today!
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